Meet the team

Accentucare professionals are carefully chosen to represent Accentucare values and meet – and exceed – client and family expectations. Team member provide seamless and consistent services, instilling trust and confidence to make the in-home care experience positive and stress-free.

Meet Pat

Pat LuomaPat Luoma, Accentucare president and lead care coordinator, has been providing in-home care assistance in the Northland for over a decade. At the same time she has run a flourishing massage therapy business, treating clients with medically-diagnosed health conditions.

She has taught college-level classes in holistic health and massage therapy; provided workshops in self care for area caregivers and social workers; and been an advocate for hospice patients and veterans.

Pat has also owned and operated multiple successful businesses over the past 35 years, building a reputation as a trusted leader both in the workplace and community. Whether through work or volunteer pursuits, Pat has devoted her life to helping people find their way to wellness and fulfillment.